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EOT: Diverse Instruction

Effective Online Teaching Course: Diverse Instruction

Time limit: 180 days

$20 Enroll

Full course description

Customized learning is important in every classroom.  Each student may learn in a different way and thus require tailored instruction.  This is especially important for students with special needs.  Teachers may be required to provide accommodations as written in individualized education plans. Online teachers will need to learn to collaborate with stakeholders and support staff to monitor learner progress. Some teachers will be required to communicate with appropriate personnel to decipher accommodations and support learner needs. Online teachers can monitor progress through quantitative and qualitative data, often provided in the online learning management systems. Assistive technologies can also come in handy when working to ensure online material is accessible to all students. The effective online teacher can utilize the online  platform to  provide a vast amount of remediation, enrichment, and reflection.