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Planning, Production and Service

Planning, Production and Service

Time limit: 180 days
3 credits


Full course description

Welcome to the Planning, Production and Service training. The purpose of this course is to provide School Nutrition Managers an overview of production records and why they are important to document compliance with the meal pattern.

Participants will be able to successfully complete all parts of a production record and meet the requirements for filing and record retention.   

After completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Production Record Development
    • Explain the importance of production records
    • Identify the important components of production records
  • Module 2: Completing Production Records
    • Identify the steps needed to complete the Food Production Record
    • Describe situations when add-ons, substitutions and deletions must be recorded on Food Production Records
  • Module 3: Production Records Review, Filing, and Record Retention
    • Review the importance of production records and its required elements
    • Review production records filing and record retention requirements

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